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5 things you shouldn’t do with your ex

5 things you shouldn’t do with your ex. Ignore the urges as hard as it may be, because they may lead you to make all the wrong decisions.

When things hit the fan for whatever reason, many will walk out or get dumped.

When you break up with someone, sometimes it is hard to move on and let go of the good times you shared and the love you felt for each other among other feelings.

Even if you parted ways on good terms, there are boundaries to what you can now do together.

If there is any hope of reconciliation at all, you both will have to trash it out properly but while you are still calling yourselves ‘exes’, here are five things you shouldn’t do:

Trying to be just friends

Very rarely will you see a situation where two exes become good friends. You can maintain a civil relationship with them but trying to be buddies is an effort in futility. Don’t even bother.

Giving your ex expensive gifts or gifts with sentimental value

It’s a no-brainer, giving your ex gifts with sentimental value is an obvious indicator you are still emotionally attached to them, except of course you still want that ex back, this is a no affair.

Having sex together

The reason for this is quite simple, there are absolutely no grounds for it. Under what category can you possibly be having sex with your ex? Friendship with benefit, love, lust? Continuing to have sexual relations with an ex keeps you emotionally tied to them. Remember they are not obligated to care about you or your emotions anymore so you put yourself at risk of getting hurt when they eventually move on.

Long calls of any form

What could you possibly want to talk about? If the break up was as a result of incompatibility, a clean break is what you need. Carrying on with constant communication with your ex will only hinder you from moving on and giving other people a chance to be with you.

Hanging out longer than necessary

You can meet an ex for a chat or even lunch especially if you are still on good terms, but spending a protracted number of hours with them is not advisable.

The more time you spend together, the more you remember how good you guys actually were together. Unless there is a chance for you to be together, don’t hang out longer with him or her than necessary.



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