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Always Filled with Negative Thoughts? Then Read This

Being positive leads to good outcomes while being negative leads to bad outcomes, always
thinking and worrying about future events can affect your positivity and stop dwelling in the
past because mistakes are bound to happen to learn from them to be stronger.
1. Leave a situation where a setback occurred, if you fought with your partner you can go out
for a while or at least walk into another room.
Always keep in mind many of our good actions and those of others are intended to bring
happiness, when we encounter pain we redraw from it.
2. Get around positive people, some people are very negative to the extent that when you are
around them you will feel less of yourself, you will feel as if you have failed in life but positive
thinkers will help you understand that when your time comes all will fall into place, you need to
be the focus and positive.

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3. Negative thinking is the easiest way to slow down your business and personal goals, it can
as well ruin your relationship with others and affect those closest to you.
4. Don’t expect everything to be perfect because by doing so your joy will be robbed away when
things don’t go as planned. Thinking starts early in the morning, you should always think like a
A leader must take every thought captive by replacing thoughts of fear with thoughts of hope
and belief, and develop a morning routine to read something encouraging and positive.
5. When you want to get rid of negative thoughts sometimes try to replace them will positive
things because no one can think about two things at the same time, get something you would
love to do and focus.
6. Stop focusing on early morning news since research has shown just three minutes of
negative news in the morning will increase your chances of a negative experience during the


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A positive mindset reduces error rates. Mindset is a choice, but not always an easy one.
7. when you wake up and see that beautiful morning, show gratitude for the new day. Be
grateful for all that you have, be open to inspirational thoughts if negative thought creeps in,
and think of the success you have had and the feeling that went with it.
8. You have to read out your negative thoughts, call a friend or a relative, share your negative
thoughts with them and then laugh at how ridiculous the mind can be.
9. Whenever those negative thoughts flash on your mind, calm your thoughts by taking deep
breaths. Leave everything you are doing, get your feet connected with the ground, and breathe
deeply. Don’t rush them breathe in and out, whiles doing this be planning your next move.
10. Exercise will change the mood to a positive state especially in a group fitness mind/body
exercise highlights that. Smart workout enthusiasts have been doing this for years by practising
the mind/body workout, where you train your mind to speak positive thoughts.
11. Have a go-to statement most times when those negative thoughts pop up, prepare yourself
with a positive statement like “yes I can, I can do it, I am in the process of figuring it out.” Find
the one that speaks to you.
12. Write those negative thoughts down, set a timer for 10 to 20 minutes and write down all the
things that bother you. Once you have done this, fold the paper, rip it up, and throw out that list.
Once you are done forget it all and move on

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My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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