Am Not Happy In My Marriage And This is Why

Life was very unbearable till I met Albert, he wasn’t smart during our school days we all thought
he wouldn’t make it in life there he was with this expensive car, his suit not to talk of the
perfume on him. Poverty is indeed a disease was my first statement.
We exchange numbers and through many conversations, he made sure I was employed by a
man he supplies goods to, a year and a half later I started going out with my boss’s daughter, I
was seriously in love with her but decided to keep it away from everyone till we are ready to
take it to the next level. I didn’t want people to think I was with her for their money so I made
sure I work extra hard to make her feel like a queen.
Serwaa will be at my end and make sure my place is neat, cook and sometimes do my ironing
while I watch a movie or enjoy my football, I was so amazed, what will a lady who has
everything at disposal, her driver, maids, enjoy expensive trips be doing with someone like me.
All felt so good, I was pampered while I pamper her too, took her to beautiful places and at
times she will pay before I ask for the bill.



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She asked to see my mum and siblings so I took her and they were all happy to have her and
warned me not to treat her bad, she helped them cook, ate with them then after we drove back.
We decided it was time we inform her family about our intentions, honestly, I was scared
because I didn’t want to lose her and same time lose my job so I told her to hold on for a while
but she insisted and made arrangements for me to see her dad.
When I got to the house, the compound was full of cars, different types then I asked myself
what I was doing there since I didn’t even own a bicycle. I wanted to leave immediately when
Serwaa called me to come inside. I have been to some rich houses but this one was
exceptional, the interior decoration was so beautiful, I can stay here all day and wouldn’t get
bored or think of food. I knew they were rich but this much I wonder if I will be accepted.
I just wanted to leave, I didn’t belong there, I wasn’t going to be accepted but at that point had to
wait, get the insults and leave. When my boss saw me, he smiled I was shocked, we talked for
more than an hour, he asked about my background, hometown and how prepared I was so in
conclusion I was accepted and was told to bring my people for an introduction I couldn’t believe
it, I was so happy.
I called my uncle since my dad was late made arrangements and travelled down to see him
discuss my marriage plans, he insisted to bring Serwaa first since he needs to see her before
he will accompany me to their house for the introduction. Called Serwaa to update her and she
agreed to go with me to see my uncle, my uncle had so much admiration for Serwaa, he told
me I should take care of her because she is intelligent, respectful and will make a good home.
I went to see her family for the introduction with my own family, the list was given for the
engagement and wasn’t asked to bring much, her dad made me understand if not for tradition
he wouldn’t take anything from me but tradition demands so. We left after lunch.
Serwaa wanted a lavish wedding, I, on the other hand, wanted something simple due to my
financial status, yes I was marrying a rich man’s daughter but I wanted to finance my wedding
as a man but her family wanted to do it all. All our clothes for that day were flown from the
states, even our rings I wasn’t allowed to pay my father in law took care of almost all the
expenses, I wasn’t too happy but he told me I was like the son he never had so I should take it
as a gift from father.
Our wedding was the talk of the town but honestly speaking I felt like a stranger on my special
day, all the attention was on my wife’s family, whether a speech, most of the people that came
to the wedding because of me were not treated so well. They had special tables for their
guests, my guests were sidelined. I felt so bad and ashamed because it was obvious to some
of my friends I didn’t organise the wedding.
My father in law gifted us a furnished three-bedroom apartment and a car all in my wife’s name
which we moved in immediately after our honeymoon, my wife made me understand her
parents have separate bedrooms so she was raised to believe couples who do that get married
for long because you avoid being in one another space, my wife has employed a maid without
discussing with me and is the house help who does the cooking, my wife knows I prefer her
cooking than anyone yet she doesn’t care.
There are even rules on days I can make love to my wife and when we can start having kids.
The woman I fell in love with and was dating is not the same woman being married. Only six
months into our marriage and am having regrets already. My sisters can’t come to visit and
sleepover, my wife talks rudely to me as if am just rags.
Am not happy and is affecting me dearly, I thought after marriage we will be happier but rather
is like two strangers living together, no conversations, no vibe, nothing, she will rather talk on
the phone done to have a conversation with me.
I have always tried to resolve things with her as two adults but she ends up getting angry and
walks out on me. I don’t know if I should inform her dad or I should tell my people so we meet
with hers and have a discussion over the matter? The outcome also scares me or I should just
pack and leave? How can a woman as sweet as her change all of a sudden? Or she was just

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