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Auntie Mauli Help :My Husband is Embarrassing Me With This

 Auntie, I always feel ashamed anytime I go out with my husband, I love him so much and I have tried countless times to talk to him about it, he will take it in good faith but will repeat the same thing when we step out.
He will be shouting at parties, be gathering food like we have none home, intruding in conversations he is not called into and so many, he did similarly at my cousin’s wedding which didn’t go down well with the family, was so ashamed when my uncle told me to talk to him about such behaviours, I used a special moment to address that thinking he will eventually change but he is still the same.
I love him but am tired and thinking about quitting, what should I do since all my effort isn’t working?

Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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