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Auntie Mauli Help: My Shop madam Dey Use Me like a donkey

Auntie Mauli, after my beautician training I had no financial support to open my shop so I had no choice but to work for someone as work and pay. In the beginning, things were very ok, my madam will buy me things anytime she travels to China and my salary and food was never an issue till she brought someone else to help out at the saloon.
 That was when everything changed,  sometimes she will wait till the middle of the month before I get paid, she had stopped given me food as if that is not enough I can’t have off days anymore, I work from Monday to Sunday after church on Sundays. I tried talking to her to beg her to even forgive me if. I have done anything to her, she said no I haven’t done anything but is her rules now and I have to accept them or am free to go.
What should I do now, please? So confused.

Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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