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Auntie Mauli Help: My Wife is in Love with another Woman

Auntie Mauli, I would like you to hide my identity, last year lots of people I know kept calling me concerning my wife and one particular lady because they kept seeing her in a way that wasn’t right so I confronted her about it and she explained they were just business partners which I let it go.
Beginning of this year, she told me she was travelling to her hometown only to see her in town with the same woman we have been having issues with, I let it go.
I don’t remember the last time we had sex because she refused to be touched claiming she gets tired from work, just yesterday I saw a message on her phone that concluded everything, my wife is a lesbian and I don’t know-how to go about it it with her family.
Advise me on what to do because am confused.

Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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