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Dont Allow Society To Determine Your Future

Why worry about what people will say, why not focus on your life. Human beings can never be
predicted, when you are fat they will talk about it.  All sorts of words would be used to describe
you, some will say because the partner is making life comfortable you are always growing fat,
others will say you don’t have problems reason you are getting fat.
And when you are slim they will be saying you are being maltreated by your partner or you are
sick or probably you don’t have money to feed well.
Some people will want to buy cars to impress society while those without cars will build and
rent them out to people who are car lovers.


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Why get worried about people’s opinions, oh yes they are entitled to that but what you need to
understand is to achieve what will make life easy for you when you grow old or you think your
kids are your future investment then you better think twice, what if they never make it to that
future? What if they decide not to take care of you? Have you thought about them having their
own life? They never asked you to bring them to this world so plan your future so they can also
focus on theirs so to succeed in life.
Some people are finding it difficult to make it all because they need to rent for their parents,
give them monthly allowance, buy food, pay hospital bills there is nothing wrong with a child
being there for his/ her parents but when you plan towards your future, you give your children
room to plan for theirs.

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The fact that you don’t have what others have doesn’t mean you are a failure, you just need to
step up your game, have a plan look for what suits you well and go for it in terms of work.
There is nothing shy about genuine work that puts food on your table, there are hair
professionals, carpenters, fashion designers who are ready to teach people free only when you
are serious and committed.
When you have money and you don’t have an idea on what to use the money for put it in a fixed
deposit account or buy treasure bill till you are ready, you can purchase a land but you have to
be sure all the necessary documents to the land is intact a year or two price of that land will go
up and when you are not interested in keeping the land you can sell it at a higher price.
Having a car is good, it makes life easy but don’t owe a car when you are not capable to
maintain, don’t keep it because of what society will say, society will not put food on your table,
society will not pay your bills, society will not maintain that car for you so why think about what
society will say at the expense of your happiness.
Sell that car and invest it in something profitable but make sure you have plans on what you
want to invest in, research about it well before you venture in and when you do be committed.
Society says a lot of things but what you need to understand is society will not be there when
you need help the most.

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Most people started small and upgraded to the position they are today, you can use a space in
front of your house, or if is a rented place ask your landlord/landlady before you place anything
in front of their premises and when that request is granted make sure that place is tidy always.
You can start with porridge, you can brand your packaging to attract more customers by using
disposable cups with covers. Most people like to eat from a clean and healthy environment.
Use your living room, porch for saloons or fashion designing then later when you have more
customers and save for your own shop then you go for it.
Take advantage of social media because is that powerful you can advertise your things over
there as well


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