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How A Daughter and Mother Became Sworn Enemies

My husband was just a workaholic, no time for fun, neither did he get time for the kids and
when it comes to my sexual needs he was mostly tired, would try to seduce him severally but
he will never respond.
He didn’t want me to work either, all he wanted was for me to be a full-time housewife to take
care of affairs of the house especially the kids while he is away working and honestly we didn’t
lack anything that got to do with money. But that wasn’t enough for me as a woman, my sexual
edge needed to be satisfied. How that affection was generated I have no idea but I started
romantically seeing my husband’s friend anytime he was sent by my husband to check up on us
when he travels, he will bring the kids gifts, get me ice creams with a cake which my husband
never does, made me felt so young.

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He will call to check up on the kids and me almost every day, we started having long
conversations on phone anytime my husband was away and was so comfortable with him that
what I couldn’t share with my husband I shared with him. He started sending me courageous
messages then it turned to flirtatious messages between us, then crazy and naughty messages
followed. I haveĀ  been starved sexually for months so what seems bad felt good.
We started meeting each other in hotels even when my husband was in town and was always
using my sister’s place as an excuse.
I felt alive all over again, the passion and chemistry were so powerful, that he touched me in the
right places.
This went on for months without my husband suspecting a thing and he never bothered to find
out why I wasn’t demanding sex anymore, in my mind I knew he was getting it elsewhere but I
cared less since I was also getting my satisfaction too.
It was Thursday, my husband had to travel, as usual, his friend called me that he was in our
neighbourhood, he came to drop someone and that he got me a present so I should come out
for it, was watching a movie with the kids so immediately I rushed out and when I took the gift I
kissed him passionately forgetting where we were when I turned there stood my daughter, she
had seen it all. Why she followed me out I have no idea, at that point, I was so ashamed
because my kids look up to me as their role model, I rushed in to catch up with her before she
gets in the house to tell her siblings what she saw.
I threaten her not to say a word to anyone or she will not see me again and if I leave no woman
will love them more than their mother, she didn’t utter a word of it to anyone that I know but she
was arrogant towards me, she wouldn’t take my instructions, talk back when I was talking to
her, her disrespect towards me as a mother was so obvious that my husband didn’t understand
why she will act like that towards me all of a sudden.
That made me hate my daughter so much that I scold her at the slightest thing, buy gifts for her
siblings and ignored her, made sure she did almost all the house chores and when she
complains I don’t spare her.

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One day after school, she told her dad she wanted to be in the boarding house which was hard
for him, he persuaded her but she wanted to leave the house no matter what, my husband knew
something was wrong but when I was asked I denied knowing anything rather advised him to
take her since that might help her consider many things and come back home, I didn’t want my
daughter in the house anymore.
During vacation, she will choose to be at her aunty’s houseĀ  than be in the house with us till she
finished university, when she was getting married, she chose her aunt to help her in all the
preparation, not for a single day did she call to make me participate in anything, even the colour
for the occasion heard it from her sibling. Her aunt was like her mother during that day, she
even signed her marriage certificate which left my husband very surprised
Now she is due to give birth, and I want to take care of my first grandchild, I have regretted my
actions but she told me the only way I can come close to her is to confess to her father my
Now I have learnt my lesson and want my daughter back and wondering why she can’t let the
past be.
I can’t look my husband in the eyes and tell him I cheated on him with his friend after all these
years, how he has been praising me for sticking to him when he was ignoring me the most time,
how then do I tell him all he thought about me was wrong and I did the opposite.
I want to be part of my daughter’s life and that of my grandchild’s too but telling my husband is
very difficult at this moment. I don’t know if I should just ignore my daughter and focus on my
marriage or tell my husband the truth which I know by the time am done all his relatives will
know I cheated on him.


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