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I Am In Love With The Son Of The Man Who Is Sexually Abusing Me

My mother gave twelve children, to two different men and lost three of my siblings in a very sad
circumstance, two died while fetching water at the river and Fifi got sick for days, we woke up
to find him gone. I was tired of living in the village after my junior high school, some of my
mates will go to the city to come for visit on occasions and when I look at them and see how
much they have transformed I wanted to go to the city but I had no one there.
Money to buy sanitary pads every month was an issue for my mother so had to use old clothes
I started fetching water for the teachers in the village for something small to support my
mother. I remember being bitten by a scorpion on my way to get firewood, I cried and cried for
days it was so painful one of my moments I will never forget.

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There was this teacher who will give me money and food anytime she sends me on errands and
sometimes gives me clothes, pads, and shoes. She was very good to me.
She asked me one day why I didn’t further my education since the secondary school was now
free, I told her where I was placed was far and even money for transportation to that place
wouldn’t be possible so she asked me if I would like to live in the city I was so happy with that
question that I said yes, she told me someone she knew at the city wanted a house help and
that I should discuss with my mother if am interested, I was so happy.
My mum was against it but finally agreed, the teacher took me and when I got there the house
was huge with things I have never seen before, the mistress of the house came out and offered
us a seat and after a long conversation about the do’s and don’ts of the house the teacher left
and I was taken to my room.
The woman was very good to me so was her daughter, the husband and son had travelled two
weeks into my stay the husband returned and started making advances on me. Anytime I was
sent to clean their room and he enters he will be touching my breast and when I tell him I don’t
like that he will shut me up.

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He finally forced himself on me and it became a regular thing. I told him I was tired of all that
was going on but he threatened to get me killed if I deny him sexual pleasures, I always wanted
to run away but my pay was helping my family back in the village so had to give in each time.
He will lie to his wife, he was taking me to a site to help with some work but rather take me to a
guest house and have his way with me from morning till evening and anytime I was pregnant he
took me for abortion. I had several abortions that I nearly lost my life.
His son is home now and has been showing interest in me, he has even proposed marriage to
me and is ready to help me further my education.
Am so confused because if the father hears of this I know he will do everything possible to see me
Or I should tell him all that his father did to me, would he believe me because is my word
against his? All the abortions I did because of him what if I don’t get pregnant again? Or I
should forget his son too and focus on getting a better future

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