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I Had The Chance To Choose My Soulmate But I Settled For Less

I was introduced to this lady called Abigail by my friend, I was in the states while she was living in Ghana her energy was exactly what I was looking for, we will talk for longer hours and never got tired of her, I will call her on video and she will teach me how to cook over the phone. She made me change so much for the good, saw life differently with her and I knew there were still good women out there since my past relationship was so bad I wanted to stay away from women but all change with her.

After months of talking on phone I decided to come home spend time with her, see her family and make the necessary arrangements to ask for her hand in marriage before I travel back again.

The day that we were both looking forward to was here, we talked after my check in, and we were so happy that finally we will see each other and have physical contact.

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I kept thinking about her throughout my journey, at a point I was laughing to myself thinking of some of her jokes forgetting I was on the plane, after the long hours we were finally at the airport after immigration and all the necessary things to be done I went for my luggage and rushed out to see her. Honestly, when I saw her wasn’t too pleased, she was wearing this straight dress which looked old with slippers and had a tire scarf on her head, I was turned off immediately by her looks, the plan was to spend the night with her at the place I was lodging but lied to her the place wasn’t available yet so had to stay at a friend’s place.

I made sure my International number was off so she couldn’t reach me on WhatsApp and she didn’t have my Ghana number either to reach me on.

A week after my stay went to my cousin’s wedding and I was introduced to this lady by my cousin, she told me she was her best friend, we exchange numbers and started talking. She was tall almost the same height as myself, fair, her fashion sense was on point, and very beautiful, I told myself this is the kind of woman I want to be with, anywhere I take her, she wife will be the attention of discussion.

I went to see her family got the list, travelled back the following week to the state and came back to Ghana to marry her. Leaving her in Ghana after our wedding was difficult for both of us but had go back due to the nature of my work. Five months after I went back my wife told me she was 21weeks pregnant, I was happy and same time confused how can she be pregnant wait this long before telling me, throughout her pregnancy and delivery I couldn’t come because of the pandemic.

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When I got the first picture of the baby immediately I knew the baby wasn’t mine, I waited came to Ghana after the pandemic and did DNA on the child which came out negative. I didn’t know what to do because it was my second marriage and has failed so quickly.

I regret so much by not given Abigail chance, I treated her so badly. I messed up big time.

I want her back, I want to make things right.

Should I call her while am here? Will she forgive me after everything? What will I say to her?

Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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