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In Love With My Adopted Brother

Kinsley and I grew up together, the chemistry between us was so intense that people envy our
relationship and wish they had same with their siblings.
After secondary school we separated to go to different universities due to the course we
choose and it was hard for me but had to cope.
I was closer to home more than him so tried to visit my brother anytime I can and the vibe
between us was something else, will spend whole week with him anytime I go there forgetting
my lectures and all that, the regret of not being together at least to cook for my brother since he
was such a bad cook and I was always there to save him from hunger till we separated due to
schooling was something else.

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We never grew apart because of our good communication and visit to each other whenever we
can, my brother was my best friend so was I to him.
After our Tertiary dad wanted my brother to head the company which mum oppose , I didn’t
understand till I was invited one day by mum to have dinner with her outside the house , it was
then I was told Kingsley was not my biological brother but he was adopted reason she was
fighting for what rightfully belongs to me. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to think, the person
I have known all this years to be my brother was not.
It then strike me why I felt different anytime I was around him, it wasn’t love for a biological
brother but something different because I was jealous anytime I saw him talking to other
women, I felt he was my man and didn’t want to share. It was all making sense now.
After mum confession to me, she call for an emergency family meeting which she revealed
everything to Kingsley, dad was very angry.
I started talking to him in a more sexual way, I could see most times he wasn’t comfortable but
I didn’t care.
He moved out last month to have his own space, I visited him two weeks ago only to see him
living with a girl he introduce to me as his girlfriend I was so furious.
I can’t loose him, he is the man I dream of everyday, I don’t know why he can’t love me in a way a
man loves a woman? I feel rejected and part of me feel betrayed. What should I do now


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