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My Boss Is Given Me Attitude After Sleeping With Me

My boss has always been my crush ever since I step foot in that office, I did all I could so to win
his attention but all failed. My colleague would tease me during lunch telling me they notice
how I stare at Mr Yatel, my boss but kept denying and lying he wasn’t even my spec meanwhile I
was dying inside anytime I see ladies going to his office to pay him friendly visits.
This went on for a year then eventually I started going out with someone but the thoughts of
being with my boss never left so it affected my relationship and in the end, we had to go our
separate ways.

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It was almost the end of the year and as usual, we had to put everything together from the
beginning of the year to know if the company met up with all the supplies to our customers, the
profit, loss, best way to handle things so not to repeat certain mistakes and I was the secretary
to my boss so I was needed most of the time, sometimes I get home around 10 pm being
dropped by the company car and I was enjoying working close to my boss all the time.
It was Friday and almost all the offices were empty, we were all exhausted from the previous
days but I had to stay back to type some letters for my boss, it was getting late so he ordered
food and asked me to join him in his office so we can have dinner together. I was very
uncomfortable due to my feelings for him, he asked a lot of questions about my family, my love
life and if I was happy working there I was so happy and started answering as if delaying the
response will cost me my life. He also wanted my opinion on how things should be done at the
production site, I was getting very comfortable with him. He made sure I got home safely by
dropping me off himself.
We were getting close at work and hang out sometimes during weekends and holidays, I got so
comfortable with him that all I could think about was my boss. A close colleague approached
me to advise me not to get too close to my boss since she has been working for the company
more years before I was employed but I knew it right away it was out of mere jealousy and
besides my boss and I were just friends.
Mr Yatel called me after work he wasn’t feeling too good and that I should come over if I can to
prepare soup for him, I freshen up and rushed to his place only for him to tell me, he only
wanted to see me, I wasn’t too surprised he kissed me, I responded by kissing him back. He had
sex with me the whole night and told me to take the day off to rest.
I was so happy because my wish had come to pass, i put on my best office wear the following
day with a smile, I went straight into my boss’s office to greet him but he wasn’t available so I
return to my desk, a few minutes later I saw his car drove into the compound took my mirror
from my bag made sure my make up was still fresh. When he walked in he didn’t smile and
asked me to bring some files so I assumed because people were around, when I entered his
office he shouted at me to go back, and knock before I enter his office I was shocked but kept
my cool. I felt so bad through out the day.

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Its been weeks now and is only official duties, is like I don’t even exist and the slightest mistake
the way he will treat me. Recently I have been seeing this lady visiting him and they mostly
leave the office together.
Am so heartbroken I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I should resign or manage to be
there because things are hard now?


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