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My Dad Is Messing Up My Life

When I was young, quite remember I was only sixteen years and due to the change in school I
chose to be  a day student in secondary school. Anytime I go to my father for money he will be
talking and making complaints that some of my mates are taking care of themselves but here I
was always depending on my parents. I thought all was a joke till my dad did the unthinkable.
I had closed from school and a man in a private car had approached me but I didn’t stop walking to
talk to him yet he kept driving behind me till he realised I wasn’t interested in whatever he wanted
to tell me, it was then I saw my dad instead of him asking why the car was following me he
asked me not to play hard to get but give in since men like that takes care of beautiful girls like

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I was very surprised by what my dad said and kept thinking for my dad to say that it was
somehow a good thing.  He had spent years on earth than I have so whom am I to question him.
I started paying attention to men that will give me money, and buy me gifts. My books were no
longer my priority but going to pool parties, and outings with friends even older than me my dad
will come to my room and demand his share, I was always happy giving him because I felt
mature doing so since in my head I was being a responsible daughter by taken care of my
parents at this tender age.
I kept sleeping with men some old enough to be my father till I completed university, it was now
a full-time job for me. I  will leave my pictures at big hotels and would be called on any time big
men were in town. My father started demanding for monthly salary from me as if I had a
company he worked in, my junior brother was also into dubious deals and my dad didn’t care as
long as he was getting money from us. We didn’t know what was wrong with my mother, one
minute she would reason with you, the next minute she wouldn’t even respond to anything and
my dad refuse to get medical help for her.
I was not having things easy sometimes I would be booked and when I get there I have to be
part of a threesome but I didn’t have a choice and anything money was my priority because
when the month ends and nothing for my dad, then I should start looking for a place to stay.
This continued for years till I took it all to a different level, when I sleep with my clients and
when they are deep asleep I go through their stuffs and take money or valuable things. It went
on for sometime, then one day I was caught and arrested. I spent six months in jail and when I
returned all the hotels that had my pictures didn’t want to see me again, life has not been easy.
My dad is still insisting I go back to my old ways so I can get money and feed him, sometimes I
wonder if he is our biological father.
I don’t know what to do now and not getting money means I have to move out. Am trying to get
something decent to do but nothing

Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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