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My husband Impregnated Another Woman

My husband and I have been married for eight years with no child of our own, we have been
going from hospitals to herbal centres, churches and the medicines I have taken to conceive but
The other time my sister-in-law brought these bitter leaves, I boiled, drank and I vomited till I
ended up in the hospital. I persuaded my husband we should settle for insemination and see
how it turns up but he wouldn’t even hear me out.
After church one afternoon the pastor requested to see us in his office I thought it was the
usual prayers he mostly does for us privately, when we got to his office he told me my husband
wanted to confess something to me in his presence, I was cold all of a sudden part of me knew
what he was going to say and the other part wasn’t too sure.
He started talking, narrating how he got himself in a situation when he was sent on official duty
to spend a month at a village to supervise the building of a hotel.
When he got there, he wasn’t feeling too good, he had body pains all over so and someone gave
him herbs after taking them he realises he was sexually aroused for hours, that was when he
met this lady and had sex with her. When he returned from the village someone called to
inform him the lady is four months pregnant for him. After the confession, I couldn’t utter a
word but our pastor advised me the deed is done, he knew how hurt I was because am also
looking for a child and that I should make sure my husband takes responsibility for the

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After days of tension, we sat and talked about the situation and decided to bring the lady from
the village to live with us to get the best health care and deliver safely. My husband travelled
down to get her and she was accompanied by her sister.
Seeing her for the first time wasn’t easy because many things were going through my mind but
to save my marriage and peace to prevail I made effort to cope with them.
They will mess up my kitchen, the living room was always smelling so I told my husband it best
we fixed the boy’s quarters so they move in which he agreed. Four months after they moved in
she delivered and gave birth to a boy, I suggested to my husband to have DNA to be sure the
boy was his, he got very angry and told me I was just being jealous so had to change the topic.
He came up to me to inform me, that his son can’t sleep in the boy’s quarters so he wants them
to move back to the main house and that is his final decision which is not up for discussion.
When I brought the subject to our pastor he told me my husband wants the child to grow a bit
like a few months so he rents somewhere for them but from the look of things if I don’t take
care they will stay in my house forever.

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I don’t know what to do. What if my husband impregnates this lady again right under our roof?
What if being sent packing because I can’t conceive? I need advice on decisions to take


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