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My husband Is Making Us Stay In The Family House

When I was dating Tony, he made me understand we can only stay in his father’s house when

we get married, to which I agreed but after meeting his family had to rethink.
His mother gave me a cold reception when he took me there for introduction, his dad, on the
other hand, was so nice, his siblings especially the sister had frowned, I was so uncomfortable
but I had no choice.

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I couldn’t say much to him when we left because I didn’t want to say anything since they were
his family, rather I waited for a week and talked to him about it, all he said was his mum will
come around and is just a matter of time.
Cynthia, my best friend was travelling outside the country so we went shopping for a few things
with his brother and am very close to them when we entered the shop we saw this Cadbury
chocolate I have been meaning to taste and it was only one left, when I took it, Sammy,
brother run after me to take it from my hand then immediately after I turned I bumped into my
mother in law.
My heart skip a beat, the way she looked at me and the next thing from her mouth was, my son
will never marry a low class who moves around with men, I was so furious and wanted to tell
her my peace of mind but I remember she is an elderly person and also the mother to the man I
want to spend the rest of my life with.

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Tony called me with an angry tone saying how can I kiss someone in public for her mum to see
and report it to her dad I immediately connected him to Cynthia and luckily we took some
pictures I forwarded it all to him and he apologising for not believing in me. It was from that
time he realised his mum didn’t like me.
Tony tried all that he can for his mum to like me but nothing worked, I remember buying
expensive kente for his mum, she didn’t wait for me to leave but rather called the maid and gave
it to her to be thrown in the bin, Tony even question his mum about it in my presence which
generated into a heated argument but I begged him to stop.
A week after his dad called me to come over, when I got there Tony was home too, his dad
called for a meeting and asked everyone to respect him as the man of the house and that he
supports his son’s choice of wife.
He made us hug each other, when I was hugging my mother in law she whispered in my ears if I
have decided to come to where am not invited, I should be ready to dance to the tune as well
and she tap me and smiled at me like she was okay with me now, I was so frightened, I couldn’t
say anything, I got home and told my mum all that has happened. She encouraged me to keep
on praying because nothing good comes easy.
None of his family members called me to find out how the preparation was going with the
wedding plans, I asked Tony where we will be staying again because I wasn’t comfortable
staying with his family but he insisted we have to live with them and it has always been the
tradition in the family, when I discussed it with my mum, she told me to listen to Tony.
My happiest there was here, his dad, his uncles and other relatives were there at the
engagement but his mum and siblings were not present, they were at the wedding but didn’t
wear anything close to the colour we chose. His mother was nowhere to be found when signing
the documents so his Aunty had to step in and do the signing.
I didn’t want my honeymoon to be over but it was and I was moving in with my husband in his
family house.

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When we got home that night, they were seated in the living room, I greeted them all only my
father and brother in law responded. I went upstairs took my bath and went to sleep.
I woke up early to prepare breakfast for the family because I love my husband and his family
was also mine and had to do all I can to win his mother’s heart. The maid was done cleaning

the kitchen so I rushed to cut the vegetables, prepared the food as quickly as I can and made
her help me set the table. My husband was happy with my effort and advised me to do this
every day to win his family over.
After he left for work my mother in law brought me a sheet of paper with my duties for the week
on it. In my mind, I was like how can I be married into slavery but some part of me kept
reminding is just a matter of time before all will pass.
I told my husband I needed to work because staying home all day will kill me rather, but he
insisted I wait a bit more. Seven months after my husband had to travel abroad for official duty,
when he told me I cried that night, how can stay here so I suggested he allow me to stay with
my mum before he returns but he said no because he doesn’t want to create impression am
running away from something or someone and that he has talked to his mum to take me as her
daughter so there wouldn’t be an issue.
I complain to my uncle to talk to him but he wouldn’t change his mind so my uncle advised me
to do what I can while he is away and keep out of trouble with his people.
The day my husband was travelling I cried and cried oh yes I was going to miss him but that
wasn’t the reason for leaving me here with people that hate me. That day I was spared no one
called me for anything, I stayed indoors till the night before I went downstairs to grab
something to eat.
I was having a severe headache last night because I cried a lot so I couldn’t sleep early, heard a
strong knock on my door, when I asked who it was my sister in the law answered in a sarcastic
way “is your mother”, I did not spare her, how dare she bring my mum’s name in this, I gave her
my piece of mind when my mother in law walked in she didn’t ask anything but rather accused
me of making life unbearable for everyone in the house.
I am so trapped in this whole thing, I can’t go to the kitchen in peace to cook what I want to eat,
I have to go out sometimes to eat what I want and when I do come home too I will stand
outside for hours before the gate will be open for me.
Yesterday I was asked to clean the whole house and that of my husband’s brother who is older
than, after I prepared dinner as well am just tired. I don’t want to complain too much to my
husband since he is far and wouldn’t have peace of mind.
But what am going through is just too much, now I don’t know if I shouldn’t move out to stay
with my mum?
Should I discuss it with my husband first or I should just move out without telling him?
Or should just stay back and make them understand am not a maid but married to their son so I
should be respected? Am so confused about what to do.


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