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My Mother In Law Is Influencing My Wife Badly

When I was about to get married to my wife, I was advised by many people to be careful with
my mother-in-law, why I had too it was never explained and I never bothered to ask because I
was in love and those words were the least of my worries.


After we moved into our new place my wife kept telling me, she wanted her mother to move in
with us so she can help her with house chores but I didn’t agree since it was not making sense
because her mother was old and even having pains around her waist most of the time so I told
her if it was maid she wanted I can get one for her through an agency but she refused.
We lost a colleague at work and since I was part of his team had to travel down to his
hometown with some staff for two days for his burial. We set off very early Monday morning
only to get home to meet my mother-in-law in my house in the dining area.

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On the table was fried eggs, sausages, fried chicken, fried gizzard, juice, milo so many things, it
was as if there was going to be a feast. I called my wife outside and question her on why I was
not informed her mother was coming over, what if I had started removing my cloths
immediately I got in and why there was so much food placed on the table, her reply that day is
still fresh in my brain. She told me that is how her mother always want to eat, I laughed and
climb upstairs to freshen up.
After long hours of sleep came downstairs to greet my mother in law and to my surprise they
were out, they came home after hours of shopping, they went out to shop for shoes, fabrics,
jewelries all those things on my accounts.
I was so furious but had to calm myself down.
At dawn I woke my wife up we had a long talk on what is going on and she apologised it wouldn’t
happen again and that her mum will go back to her place soon.
But things were far from over, my wife keeps going to funerals, wedding , parties with her
mother, I hardly eat homemade food. The house is so on kept and it been months but my
mother in law seems not to be leaving anytime soon.
My wife will go out stay very late and when I talk her mother will interfere to defend her. Am not
enjoying my marriage in peace.
I don’t know if I should sack my mother in law with force? Or I should invite elders in this
situation? Or should I talk to my mother in law? How should I even go about it

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