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My Sister’s Behaviour Can Get Me Sacked

Belinda is my younger sister , we went to the same secondary, the same university and the
most fun part of it was we did the same course at the University.
After completion we decided to rent and stay together since we are siblings, I got a job first
with an oil company and the salary was not too good at the start but later better. I wasn’t too
bothered with me paying the bills and getting some money for my sister for her upkeep
because I knew she would do the same if she was in my shoes.
I kept getting jobs for my sister and she kept turning them down saying the money they are
offering her was too small, instead, she will be jumping from one party to the other, clubbing at
night coming home all drunk most times. She is my sister and I love her but I get tired

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I involved our  mother on this issue but she refused to change.
Some friends had come over to spend the weekend with me, we were watching a movie and I
heard people shouting in the compound, at first I thought it was my neighbour from the other flat
till I heard my sister’s voice so I rushed outside only to see her being drag by this fair lady, I
immediately rushed to where they were and asked what was going on, only to be told by the
lady my sister owes her Gh3000 for cloths she took from her. The lady said my sister came to
her shop claiming she was buying cloths and Jewels and after the items were picked she tried
to pay with her debit card which didn’t go through so my sister told her she will bring her the
money the following day and since she was her customer, she allowed her to take the things but my
sister refused to pay her or pick her calls.
I couldn’t utter a word because my friends were around, I instructed the lady to follow me inside
and I wrote a cheque for her, money I have saved for a piece of land. After I called my sister into
my room to advice her as an elder sister, she was rather offended saying she didn’t ask me to
pay her debt and that she knows how to come out from her mess.
After church on Sunday she knocked on my door and told me she was moving out, I asked her
to where and her respond was she will be safe where she is moving into.
The last time I heard about her was through a friend who told me about the man she is dating
now, a very influential man in the society who happens to be the husband of my boss.
Am really tired of this girl already what if my boss gets to know because I know for a fact she
sets spice for her husband all the time and when she gets to know my sister is dating her
husband I will be fired without any explanation.
I don’t know if i should tell my sister? She will confront the man about this I know her that well.
Or I should just ignore her maybe my boss will not know she is my sister because we are not
living together anymore? Or I should inform our parents on this matter? I really don’t know what
to do this time

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