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My Sister’s Boyfriend Is Just Playing With Her Emotions

My kid sister is very hard working and she believed every human was just like her, she trusted
way too much. Very workaholic and she always comes home late from work. She was very
But one thing I didn’t understand about her was the guy she was dating, he was very abusive
and cheat on her by bringing different women to his place. they will break up, and my sister will
come home crying for weeks yet she will go back immediately after he calls or come over to

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My parents were always supporting him, my mum especially will pamper him by cooking, and
serving him anytime he comes over to apologise. It was as if he had cast some spell on my
family. I on the other hand didn’t like him one bit. I was a man too and would never treat any girl
the way he was treating my sister.
A friend from the states wanted us to hang out so we moved from spots to clubs and when we
got to one of the clubs, two guys started shouting at each other, which resulted in throwing
chairs and bottles at one other so when I turned to take a look there stood my sister’s boyfriend
exchanging words and throwing bottles at the other guy when asked I was told they were
fighting over a girl.
I made sure he noticed my presence, I knew he didn’t care because as usual, an apology will
erase everything I will tell my sister.
I told her anyways and she told me when they get married he will change, all I said was okay
then went to sleep. The first time my friend from the States saw my sister he couldn’t control
his emotions, he begged me to talk to her to accept him and that he was ready to do necessary
arrangements before he travels back but my sister told me the devil she knows is better than
the angel she knows nothing about and that she loves her boyfriend.

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When I told my friend, he was hurt thinking I could have done much more to persuade my sister.
A woman in love they say can never be convinced. My sister’s boyfriend finally came with his
people to ask for her hand in marriage that night I didn’t sleep, she kept reminding me how
being patient was good and that he was a changed man. All I could wish her was the best.
Preparation for the wedding was ongoing, he will pick my sister to go out for shopping to check
out places for the reception, and sometimes they will go with me to know my opinion as well.
The wedding was finally here, my parents were already dressed, I was rushing to make sure the
decorated car to take my sister to church was ready when I was stopped by my dad, with his
facial expression I knew all was not well I followed him to his room and he broke the news that
Tony my sister’s fiance is nowhere to be found and that he left a note he was travelling outside
the country same day he was suppose to get married, that moment I was so angry and
confused because I was thinking how my sister would react after breaking the news to her.
We eventually did and it wasn’t easy, for two days she refused to eat, it was a big challenge for
us till we got her a psychologist who made sure she was back to her normal self.
Now Tony is back and wants my sister to forgive him and from the way, my sister is sounding
she might give in to his pleas.
I don’t know how to go about this whole thing. I don’t know if we should warn him to stay away
from her? Or advise my sister to move to a different city? Or probably he has changed truly so
we should give him chance


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