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My Wife Is Giving Me Hell

I have been a taxi driver for thirteen years before I met my wife, she was very hard working
there were times that sales were so bad since the car was given me issues yet she stood by me
and when I can’t provide for the house she knew I had no money and wouldn’t even ask but
manage the house with her own money.
I was so happy that God has bless me with this kind and wonderful woman. When things were
better I gave her enough money to invest in her business so that when the going becomes
tough she can help me like always. We bought half plot of land and we were all helping to put
that place up so we can move in. When my wife was going to deliver our last born some
complications affected her spinal cord and due to that she was advised not to stand for long
hours, so she had to stop work and be in the house, things became very difficult since I was the
only breadwinner of the family, fees were to be paid, feeding, bills and my wife was not
completely healed so the medical expenses were also on me.
I advised my wife to start selling pure water and soft drinks at home at least a little from there
we can pay bills with it which initially she agreed but after a week she told me no, I asked her
the reason and she couldn’t come out with any explanation so I assume is because of her

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On my way to work last three weeks, a lady board my car and asked me to drop her at a
restaurant nearby, when I got to my station to load I realise this brown envelope at the back of
my seat I took it and to my surprise, it contained two hundred notes so I drove back to where I
dropped the lady, I couldn’t find her, I drove back home and when I told my wife, she told me it
was a gift from God since I didn’t see the lady but I told her no and that I will look for the owner.
Three days after at work I saw the same lady who left the brown envelope in my car, I
approached her and ask if she left anything in my car the other time, she said yes and gave
every detail about it so I handed it to her and we became friends, she requested to know my
house which I discussed with my wife before bringing her to the house.
When she was leaving, she gave my kids and wife money which they took but immediately she
left my wife kept fighting with me, I brought my lover to look down upon her since is not
capable to work now and the curses she ruin on me that day.
That wasn’t enough, she went to tell one of my female customers’ husbands that, his wife is
having an affair with me and that he should warn his wife to stop calling me at night. I didn’t
know all this and was confused as to why that customer of mine has stopped using my service
and barred my number till I met her at the taxi station and she told me all that has happened.
I was so furious that day that I had to calm myself as a man, I kept wondering why my wife was
doing all this since I have always tried my best to be a faithful and caring husband.
Three weeks after I went to our site to check how things were and our next neighbour walked
up to us we exchange greetings and talked for a while during the conversation he said, he had a
buyer for us so I asked which buyer, then he told me my wife have asked him to find us a buyer
and that we are selling our uncompleted building and the land for close to five minutes I wasn’t
able to utter any word again. I told him we were not going to sell the place and left.
When I got home, I confronted my wife about it and he started screaming at the top of her voice
that I should sell the land and building to give her half of the money so she can get a shop and
fill it with goods that she is tired being home always. I begged her to give me time to raise
money for her, but she refused so had to talk to her mother about it and what she said did
surprise me to date. My mother in law told me to sell and give my wife half of the money so
there will be peace but I did no such thing.

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Ever since that day I have not been having peace in my own house, my wife refuses to cook, I
dare not touch her at night and there wouldn’t be a day she won’t insult me. If not for the fact
that the documents to the land are hidden I know by now she would have sold the land. Am
always not happy going home, I don’t know who to turn to in all this and I don’t know what to do.


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