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The Father Of My Late Friend’s Twins Are Here To Claim Them

Gloria was like the sister I never had, we did everything together. There was a time I had to
move to their house and stay there for a while because our rent was due and my mother was
not financially sound to renew so she was moving back to the village.
The reason I couldn’t go with her was that I was still in school, it wasn’t an easy task for her but
with the relationship between the two families, my mother knew I was in good hands.
Her father made sure I was well provided for and comfortable. My friend was in love with this
guy on campus that I wonder sometimes if she was charmed, when we are given money for
upkeep Gloria will spend hers to buy all manner of gifts for this guy and when I question her or
advise her she will tell me it won’t happen again yet it was getting worse by the day.
In level 300, the second semester I was told by a friend of mine my sister had been sacked
from taking part in the exams because she owes which got me worried because we were all
given the same cheque, we cashed it and split it to pay our fees so how come she has been
sacked, took my phone and called her to meet me at the bush canteen, she did and I question
her on why she was not allowed to take part in the exams, she confided in me her boyfriend
needed help with his sick mother and when I asked if the guy has settled his fees and she said
yes that was when I knew my friend wasn’t okay in the head.
This continued till she got pregnant, dad was so disappointed when he got to know, there was
tension always at  home and he didn’t want to know anything about Gloria’s pregnancy so I made
Gloria call her boyfriend so we can meet and know how to go about the situation.
When we met he said all sort of things to my friend to the extend he claim the pregnancy wasn’t

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Gloria left cursing him which didn’t even bother him a bit, I on the other hand begged him not to
put my friend to shame but all was in vain. We lost Gloria’s father due to this issue and things
became very hard, had to work hours after school and We were able to start food business,
when I go for lectures then Gloria will be managing the place.
I lost my friend when she was given birth to twins, the day I will never forget for the rest of my
life, this pain will be in my heart forever, luckily my mother took them for me to finish school
and got something doing then I took over from there. It was hard but I prayed and begged God
for the sake of the kids I should never lack so to make life better for them. And I never lack,was
amazing how God made me get job right after my service and my salary was very good.
I got married but never had a child of my own and eventually, my husband left me for another
woman but my twins were my joy and hope, they didn’t disappoint me and now one is a doctor
the other a lawyer.
Their father is here asking for forgiveness and my kids told him the only way they can forgive
him is when I tell them to let go till then they don’t want to have anything to do with him.
Honestly, am not ready to forgive him, I lost my friend due to this issue, and I lost a father figure
due to the same issue while he was enjoying back then we were suffering and if things were
better I believe strongly he wouldn’t be here begging.
Should I let the twins see him as their father? Or I should let him stay away from us forever?


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