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This is What i call Betrayal (A Pretending Lover)

My dad was rich and education was his top priority so he made sure my siblings and I had the

best education, I was the only female among my siblings so was well pampered by both
My choice of husband did not go down well with my parents, my aunt had to come from
Sweden to convince my parents.
My husband pampered me and showered me with the beautiful things of life making my
mother even regret not believing in him initially.
We built a two-bedroom apartment two years into our marriage and most of the money on the
house project came from my husband, my contribution was on petty things, after we moved in I
realised I was four months pregnant. The pampering, care and love were much more than
before. My husband will not even allow me clean not to talk of cooking. He will come early from
work before I do, clean, cook and make sure I was comfortable when I get home, I was his
queen and he was my king. There was nothing my husband wouldn’t do for me, I was the
happiest woman on earth.
My baby shower was exactly how I wanted it when I walk in on the surprise, my mother wish
she had the same from my father.
My husband took a month from work to stay home with me so he would be with me when am in
labour, I was the luckiest woman on earth.
When I gave birth my husband didn’t want me to stay with my parents meanwhile he had no
idea how to cater for a newborn baby, with the back and forth it was agreed I stay with my
parents for a month which was hard for him but he had no choice.
Eight months after giving birth I lost my dad, it was a hard one for the family, especially my
mum, dad was her rock, the love of her life but she fought hard to be strong even for us. After
dad’s burial and forty days his will was read, my dad left me a hotel, two trucks, a six-bedroom
house and huge money, my brothers also received their share and most of his assets went to
I couldn’t manage the hotel, so in conclusion, it had to be sold my siblings convinced me but my
mind was already made up since my husband said it was the right choice. My senior brother
bought it. We moved into the building my dad left me and rented ours out, I changed the name
to both our names, gave my husband all the money from the sale of the hotel and the money
my dad left for me so he can quit his job so we can run our own business.
He got a bigger space and started dealing in building materials, we sold my trucks since they
were given issues and bought new ones for the business. I was not even going there because I
trusted my husband completely. He started coming home late and when I asked he will tell me
the workload was much and that he can’t trust anyone there.
I was receiving calls from strange numbers telling me about my husband’s extramarital affairs
with different women but I didn’t believe them. I noticed my husband all of a sudden was
putting a lock on his phone and would mostly carry his phone as far as taking it to the
washroom so my mind wasn’t at peace with this.
I monitor him for weeks to get his password to his phone and when I opened it, it was then I
realised human beings are just wicked. On his whatsapp chats he was dating two ladies, one a student
and the other a nurse, he had purchased a car for the nurse and they are expecting a child
together. The student on the other hand sends her nudity to my husband, they meet in hotels.
My heart skip a beat for a moment but had to relax to make the right decision.
Now all the assets left to me by my father I sold to start a new business with my husband
which bears both our names and the house too bears our names. I felt ones we were like soul
mates we can share it all not knowing I was digging my own grave.
I don’t know who I should talk to about all this, my brother warned me but I turn deaf ear to it.

My mother is not herself after the passing of my dad so I don’t want to disturb her with all this.
His family might back him on this since he is from a polygamous home.
I don’t know if I should take the legal means? Should I inform our Pastor? What about his
pregnant girlfriend? Am very confuse.


Nana Akosua Frimpong (Maulibaby)

My name is Nana Akosua Frimpong But You can also call me MauliBaby. I love writing and reading.

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